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Bad Day To Fly Promo Art

Beta version Q2/Q3 2017

Beloudest is pleased to report the support of HTC’s Vive and Oculus’s Rift headsets in the development of its Virtual Reality flight combat simulation game, Bad Day To Fly.

Working with the HTC Vive since the day of its release, Beloudest has since also received a full dev kit from Oculus, and continues to build its flagship VR seated-shooter game for compatibility with both headsets.

Bad Day To Fly harnesses the immersive nature of Virtual Reality through the piloting of an advanced quadcopter vehicle (using intuitive, drone-like controls) in intense aerial battles. Its inspirational roots are found in classic games such as Desert Strike, and in novels and films such as War Of The Worlds and Independence Day.

The planet Poseidon, victim of a shock invasion, gathers its limited resources to do what it can to defend itself against further attacks. Its people are unaware of the planet’s ownership and of the intergalactic trading responsible for the current turmoil. Having unwittingly proven itself worthy of independent status, hurried last attempts are being made to pillage the planet’s riches. You, ace fighter pilot, must embark upon a mission of intense combat and stealth to gain vital intelligence.

The player will experience the buzz and feel every jolt of piloting the quadcopter as they seek to defend their home planet. Difficulty settings will vary the complexity of the ‘copter’s controls – and the levels of enemy aggression.

For PC, the game has been approved for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift development. BDTF will showcase the capabilities of VR – but unlike so many other early-release games, will also feature story-driven missions, as players seek to defend against enemy invaders. Its primary audience will include flight simulation fans, first person shooter gamers, VR early adopters, sci-fi fanatics and drone enthusiasts.

There are plans to enable multi-player gameplay in the future.

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