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Bad Day to Fly - Elite Concept
Elite Fighter Concept by Oliver Plunkett

BELOUDEST have been developing the Bad Day To Fly VR flying experience game since early summer. And it’s changed a fair bit in that time…

The storyline itself has morphed and expanded, for one. Of course, this isn’t a rarity. Loads of factors influence the direction an original concept can take as a game develops.

In BD2F’s case, the initial idea still rings true: a VR experience that goes far beyond a demo simply to show off technology’s capabilities. We wanted to create a game in its own right that also happened to incorporate new VR potential. And we still do.

However, the storyline needed to grow. Inspired by classic films like Running Man and Mars Attacks, we came up with a humorous ‘gameshow’ theme, which our storywriter Louis Weinblatt fleshed out:

An alien empire has set its focus on Earth, a world new to them, only recently consumed by their ever-expanding borders. Seeing it as something of a blank canvas for the empire’s potential entertainment, the Empress has tasked one of its favoured sons, ‘The Mighty Polybius’ with setting up a form of gladiatorial challenge to Earth’s inhabitants.

Earth’s finest pilots are set the challenge of defending their planet from Polybius’s coordinated attacks as he aims to loot and pillage its riches – and burn and destroy its landscape. A bit of fun for the empire, but an altogether-more-serious matter for mankind.

BD2F - Mighty Polybius Early Concept
The Mighty Polybius Concept by Oliver Plunkett before the story change.

It sounded like fun to us, too – but we ended up feeling slightly limited by the storyline’s parameters. Our abilities to create exciting and engaging VR environments meant that we had the capability to turn the game into more of a simulation than the arcade-like experience we’d initially imagined.

So, with Stu’s thoughts communicated, back we went to Louis to develop a deeper, more expansive story.

Devastated following a shock invasion, Poseidon writhes in agony and its people struggle to do what little they can to prepare for further attacks. Unaware that their planet is owned – and accordingly the subject of intergalactic trading – they have no idea of the invaders’ intentions of pillaging its riches. For Poseidon has unwittingly proven itself capable of independent status, and its historical owners will take everything they can before they are legally deemed powerless. In the face of adversity, the planet’s population unites and desperately strains to combine its defence resources.

You, ace fighter pilot for the military, carry the weight of a world on your shoulders as you embark upon intense combat and seek to gain vital intelligence. The Mighty Polybius heads the small but aggressive team of alien mercenaries, hired by intergalactic planetary entrepreneur, Merchant Prince Pietro. It’s game on.

Look out for more articles featuring artwork we’ve developed for the new game, details of enemy alpha vehicles – and interviews with Director & Programmer Stu, Oliver the Concept Artist – and Chief Storywriter Louis…

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