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Let’s have a lil’ natter with chief Beloudest and Bad Day To Fly artworker / concept artist Oliver Plunkett… and maybe even a sneak preview at some BD2F enemy artwork.

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BELOUDEST: Bad Day To Fly’s storyline (and overall concept) has been reworked of recent. As a result, the game’s scope has been widened, and more immersive gameplay will be possible. Obviously, this has had an impact on the graphics you’ve been working on – many of the in-game vehicles had to be reconsidered or even rebuilt from scratch. Surely this was a nightmare for you?

OP: Rather than being an annoyance, sometimes reworking creates greater possibilities for me. The change in storyline this time gave me the freedom to explore deeper into the concepts.

BELOUDEST: What’s the start point for you?

OP: I work first and foremost from Louis’ and Stu’s story ideas. Their vision is key, and really helps contextualise where I can take designs.

BELOUDEST: How are you able to ‘explore deeper into the concepts’ with the new storyline?

OP: The original story, which was gameshow inspired, was far more playful, and I didn’t think very threatening-looking shapes would work. The change was for the better and let us make the whole feel of the designs a little more serious overall.

BELOUDEST: You say you’re guided by the storyline, but what else influenced these designs?

OP: I wanted these designs to feel unearthly, but not completely foreign. The aim was to make them look somewhat insect-like. That said, I didn’t simply want them to be metallic-looking bugs, but rather vehicles or mechanisms whose designs are informed by the structure of insects. Since this is an Alien race I thought it might be good to make them look as if they were of a design that could not be achieved by materials found on earth. This is especially true of the walker.

BELOUDEST: Anything we can have a little look at?

OPThere’s the Goblin 42-B… it’s a bulk-bought combat drone, made for rough terrain and floating slowly through the air. It comes ready equipped with a heavy-duty plasma thrower positioned in its mouth compartment. However, its simple design lends itself to high amounts of customisation and many can be found strapped with missile launchers, rail guns and even suicide charges. The below visual shows how it’s been updated following the new storyline release.

BDFT - Mech Concept 1
Goblin 42-B

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