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Story Overview

Devastated following a shock invasion, the people of Poseidon writhes in agony and struggles to do what little it can to prepare for further attacks. Unaware of their planet’s ownership, and plans to pillage its hidden riches before Poseidon proves itself civilised in the eyes of the galaxy, the population unites and desperately strains to combine its defence resources.

You, ace fighter pilot for the military, carry the weight of a world on your shoulders as you embark upon intense combat and seek to gain vital intelligence. The Mighty Polybius heads the small but aggressive team of alien mercenaries, hired by intergalactic planetary entrepreneur, Merchant Prince Pietro. It’s game on.

Poseidon a world of vast oceans and diversely populated islands provides a visually-stunning backdrop to the fight of your life. With highly intuitive joystick-based controls – beautifully balanced to avoid motion sickness – the flying experience in VR is taken to new levels of realism. Your spare controller will be required too – in-cockpit controls aren’t as simple as point and shoot. And of course there’ll be new and salvaged weaponry to learn how to use – from stone cold classics to aliens’ discarded firearms… which are like nothing you’ve seen before…

Gameplay Overview

Defend Poseidon’s beauty and its civilisations… or see your world ravaged to torn apart for the greed of the man who claims ownership of your home.

Control your built-for-battle flying dream machine

Collect discarded weaponry and upgrade your artillery

Master your quadcopter and your arsenal

Rescue survivors and exploit their skills

Defend your people and your planet

Out-blast and outwit – firepower and brainpower

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