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Bad Day To Fly harnesses the immersive nature of Virtual Reality through the piloting of an advanced
quadcopter vehicle (using intuitive, drone-like controls) in intense aerial battles.

The player will experience the buzz and feel every jolt of piloting the quadcopter in VR as they seek to defend their home planet. Difficulty settings will vary the complexity of the ‘copter’s controls – and the levels of enemy aggression.

HTC Vive

Oculus Rift Support


Devastated following a shock invasion, Poseidon writhes in agony and its people struggle to do what little they can to prepare for further attacks. Unaware that their planet is owned – and accordingly the subject of intergalactic trading – they have no idea of the invaders’ intentions of pillaging its riches. For Poseidon has unwittingly proven itself capable of independent status, and its historical owners will take everything they can before they are legally deemed powerless. In the face of adversity, the planet’s population unites and desperately strains to combine its defence resources.

You, ace fighter pilot for the military, carry the weight of a world on your shoulders as you embark upon intense combat and seek to gain vital intelligence. The Mighty Polybius heads the small but aggressive team of alien mercenaries, hired by intergalactic planetary entrepreneur, Merchant Prince Pietro. It’s game on for VR.

Latest Bad Day To Fly Update

“Futuristic virtual reality (VR) flight simulator Bad Day to Fly got its public alpha demo at the Virtual Reality World Congress today and the developer, Beloudest have confirmed that the title will be coming to both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.”

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